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We have 162 References in our guestbook

Estelle Sirot 16th july 2019
Hello Benjamin, All went very well during the trip with Andry who was very professional. I was impressed with the quality of the car you provided and everything. I would certainly recommend your services to anyone coming to Madagascar. Merci encore! Estelle Sirot

Julia Sturm 16 july 2019
Hi Benjamin, Thanks for your mail, everything worked out well. Leonid is a good driver and a nice and reliable person to travel with (always on time). Our experience was very good. Best regards and thanks for your support, Julia

Sabine Friedl24th june 2019
Hello Ben, As for our trip, we want to tell you that it was just beautiful. Madagascar is a wonderful country with many different landscapes, interesting fauna and flora and above all very friendly people. Thanks to your help, the route was very well put together and we could see all the parks that we had thought about before. Everything worked out great and we thank you very much! And now to Miza: we had the best driver ever and felt completely safe both in terms of the road conditions and in terms of traffic. He was able to tell us a lot about Madagascar and was very reliable. If friends of ours want to travel to Madagascar, we would always like to recommend you and Miza! Thanks again for the great time! Regards Uli and Sabine Von meinem iPad gesendet

Carlo Tognon03 - june - 2019
Hello Ben Thank you very much, we have greatly enjoyed our trip! Dada was an excellent driver and helped us a lot, we will definitely recommend visitmadatours to our friends! The sights - Kirindy Forest, both Tsingy and the Pirogue trip were very well organized and comfortable, and the guides Dada picked were excellent and helped us see the beautiful wildlife and sights. Best, Carlo

Franz Hummel13th may 2019
Hello Benjamin, our Trip was better than good... Tina was a really good driver, very helpful and last but not least: we laughed a lot together! We enjoyed this trip immensly. And when we hear back in Germany that somebody wants to go to Madagascar, we will strongly recommend your agency. Greetings

Florentin Sehn18th january 2019
Hello Ben the trip with Tina was very nice. He helped me a lot and it was a really nice time. Thank you very much for organizing.

Mikael Staffas30 - december 2018
Dear Ben, Thank you for a great week in Madagascar! We had a great time and we were very well treated by the guides and the drivers. Also the choice of hotels was great and we enjoyed it fully. Best regards, Mikael

Olga Molina1st - nov - 2018 21:00
Hi Ben! The trip was really good. Mija is a great professional, he helped us all the time when something came up and answered all our questions. The car was allways very clean. He is an awsome driver! Thanks for everything Best regards

Christina Lyon27th may 2018
Ben, This has been an incredible trip. We could not have asked for a more professional guide. Mario has been outstanding. He has gone out of his way to accommodate us in addition to being extremely helpful and kind. Our accommodations far exceeded our expectations and we were very happy with them, with the one exception of the hotel in Tsingy. Each location has provided a unique experience. We are grateful for your assistance in planning this trip. Charles has also been very kind and we appreciate his skills in navigation and his kind and patient demeanour. We have had a lovely trip and are departing wishing we had more time to spend in this remarkable country. Respectfully, Christina Lyon

Mauricio Alpizar 26th - April - 2018
Hi Ben, I hope all goes fine in beautiful Madagascar. It was a great experience for me; I can hardly wait to return to your fantastic country! Besides saying thank you for all your support, I would like to provide some feedback on Charles and Mario. Both of them contributed to make my trip an amazing one! Charles is really a great driver, friendly, and always positive. Mario is one of the best tour guides I have ever had. His English is excellent and attitude-wise he is simply world-class. I started teaching him some Spanish, so I hope he can continue learning. I wish you all much success going forward! Greetings from Frankfurt, Mauricio